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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Metropolitan Opera House Theate Show

Although I'm not much of a history or artsy person, but still after watching this opera I bound by the spell of this opera to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the Met.
I still dimly remember the smiles on the face of everyone in the audience. I had a very good time. I hope anyone that visits in the future will surely enjoy this! I am planning to bring my children here one day. because the experience is wonderful. I hope they don't change it too much.
The orchestra is unbelievable! Repeatedly great experience!  Unforgettable visit!
Beautiful n Great as always!!!!! Dresses appropriately for the opera, it is a formal affair. The story is spanking new in its own way.  Certainly it isn't dreadfully dated or droll.  It's gorgeous, too.  Scenery and costumes something to be seen.
An elegant musical. I enjoyed the entire opera it is full of humor, was a very remarkable, and most are tragedies. But I thought most would perhaps wish for a more traditional story.

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